Our focus is on building sustainable competitive advantage for our clients and helping them transition from Entrepreneur Led Systems to Organizations. We have the experience of working with High Growth organisations across multiple industries to help them in the transitional process which is critical for sustainable growth in the long run.

We bring in fresh ideas and a strategic perspective to every engagement. Our insights are backed up by a rigorous process of analysis and solution development keeping in mind the aspect of People, Process and Technology. This ensures that our recommendations are well researched, practical and tailored to an organisation’s requirements. We also take on the role of implementation managers, to ensure that the transition comes alive for organisations.

Our strength:

  • Our Offering: Is in the fact that we offer completely custom interventions to understand your unique challenge/situation and offer solutions that are appropriate for you and your Organization.
  • Organizational Development: As OD practitioners, we are humanistic in our approach to change management and delivering sustainable organizational transformation.
The Entrepreneur Segment
It is a little known fact that more than 70% of the world’s GDP is generated from family-run businesses. The challenge and tenacity of the entrepreneur in building a successful business, then needs to transition into an Organization. These challenges of dealing with ownership, management, professionalism, succession planning and building scale require new paradigms of Organization Development. Our Consulting practice is focused on partnering our clients to address these issues.
Diagnostic – Foundation of engagement
We do not expect our customers to know where to look for the problem, that is our job. We use a combination of personal interactions and proprietary frameworks to conduct an organization diagnostic that enables us identify the core problem(s). This then forms the basis for our recommendations. Here again, as part of our Bespoke Engagement, we could offer to implement the recommendations for you or help you identify the right people within your organization to do the needful.

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