ePeople is an early adopter of the concept of offering hosted and on-demand software solutions. We believe in providing companies of all sizes with access to best in class software solutions without having to develop and maintain expensive infrastructure.

Since our first engagement in 2009, ePeople has grown as a Consulting Partner of Salesforce offering consultations, implementations and customization support for their cloud solutions. Salesforce revolutionized the concepts of Cloud Computing with their path-breaking solutions that are hosted online, secure and available on-demand in several variants.

  • Exclusively Salesforce – Partners to Saleforce ever since they entered India give us
    strength of their ecosystem. Our sole focus on Salesforce technologies allows our certified consultants to build domain expertise on the platform.
  • Effective Project Management – Our implementation methodology has been fine tuned over a hundred plus Implementations which ensures that the Project is completed on time with the Best Practices of the Industry.
  • Technology an Enabler – Being Consultants, we understand the end objectives and the direction of the organization and are clear that technology is an enablement of the same. Therefore we architect designs that take care of User Interface which drives user adoption. At the same time delivering insightful analytics for executives and top Management.
Full Lifecycle Support
ePeople offers lifecycle support for Salesforce CRM – from implementation, customization, integration and training to management of periodic enhancements as your company grows both in size and scale of operations.
Our customization service ensures that you see what you want to and get information that is critical to your business. Dashboards that highlight strategic areas / customers, alerts based on processes that are unique to your business, reports that are important to you and workflows that can be integrated with your existing infrastructure are just some of the customization scenarios we handle.
Customer Engagement
One of the biggest reasons for customer dissatisfaction is the lack of understanding about customers needs, tastes and preferences. The customer profiling capabilities of the Salesforce CRM enable you to understand your customers better and offer services that are customized to suit their liking. With such information at your fingertips, customer delight becomes an achievable goal.

Again, you can tap into the vast reserve of information about your past customers to quickly identify possibilities for up-selling and cross-selling products / services.

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